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Marcani is a new e-store based in Brooklyn, New York City. We aim to bring the absolute cutest gift items and accessories right to your front door. They are just a click away! Better yet, you can order them just for yourself. We spend our days searching the latest trends to bring a curated range of high quality products from around the world to you. All the work has been done. You can just happily sit back and enjoy browsing. Your friends will wonder where you found your unusual purchases.

Our Marcani store features a return policy and money back guarantee so you can always feel 100% safe shopping our store.

This month we are featuring our best-selling crazy chicken cluck leg knee-hi socks. So many people out there have reported being bored with traditional socks. We listened to you all and came up with a perfect alternative! A sock that makes your legs look exactly like chicken feet. These socks are made with a premium quality material to give the perfect fit with high quality breathability and premium stretchability while looking cute as a chicken at the same time. These socks are excellent to get a laugh at parties. Who wouldn't love to receive these! They are also perfect for that time you would like to dress as a chicken for Halloween, or to wear when you would like to stand out on a girls night out. Or for more fun you could have all the girls wearing them. They are also cute just to wear while relaxing around the house while cooking or watching TV. A large number of guys have reported enjoying wearing our famous cluck leg socks too. The good thing about these socks is they make calves look leaner with the color contrast in the design. We are currently working hard behind the scenes to create a children's sock line with this same cute chicken cluck leg theme, by popular demand, so stay tuned! We do not rest at Marcani.

We welcome product requests and suggestions from our customers so feel free to introduce yourself and send us an email anytime.

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Making the world a cuter place, one chicken cluck leg at a time!